Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Guess who turned ''5'' yesterday? My little baby girl, that's who! It seems to me that it was not so long ago that we were handed a 16-month, 16-pound baby in China. Where has the time gone? We had a Luau birthday party for Cara-Li on Sunday with all her friends from school and neighborhood. A grand time was had by all!


mortimersmom said...

Oh My god! she is SOOOOO grown up! I can't believe that little girl who came to see me at the store and held my hand so long ago is sooo grown up!

deb_cody_Niki said...

Cody says:Knock Knock
Cara Li says:Whose There
Cody says:Abby
Cara Li says:Abby Who
Cody,Niki,and Debbie sings:
Abby Birthday to you......
Hope you had a great birthday Cara Li and we too are very excited about Mei Mei.