Thursday, June 26, 2008

Parties and Stuff

Last weekend was a busy one for us with the holiday and all. Friday night was Volunteer Appreciation Night here in our town and since Gord is a soccer coach, we were invited to a dinner at the pool. Well, let's just say some beverages were consumed by all and many had to walk home. Good thing the town is really small!

It was a tough go on Saturday morning but we had to wake up for Cara-Li's last soccer game. Cara-Li still did not enjoy soccer tremendously this year but we did see a huge improve over last year. When she applied herself, she was actually quite good. Compared to last year when all she did was pick dandelions!

Then Cara-Li was off to a classmate's birthday party. I tell you... what a way to end a school year. With a big bash!

Then it was off to the cottage for a long weekend. We had not been there since before our trip to Cuba in March. 3 months... I do believe that this was the longest period of time that we were away from it. I tell you... I missed it tons! Glad to see that it was still standing. Well, minus a screen door that got blown away during a winter storm, minus a canoe that got squished under the weight of all that snow and our dock which was sort of listing into the lake. Nothing that cannot be fixed or replaced. Did I mention I want to build an extention to the cottage? A mud room right off the front of the house. Hopefully we can do it. Must check city by-laws first.

Then, it was a pool party for us adults upon arrival. Two nights in a row without children. Wow! Cara-Li and Alexia had a sleepover guest for the night so needless to say, no one went to sleep early. But they all managed to get up early! Not to mention the major nose bleed Cara-Li had in the middle of the night. Darn those kids! :)

The next three days were pretty quiet with lots of setting up and de-winterizing. The dock is pretty much fixed and all our patio furniture is out. Ready for this upcoming weekend's morning coffee. Ahhh.... bliss!

Oh, I forgot to mention that this is my last week at home. As of next Wednesday I will be back at work full time. Life sucks! :(

And lastly, this week's colour for Shades of Inspiration is blue. There are not many things in my world that are blue except for my mood :(

Friday, June 20, 2008


Yes... today was a bittersweet day. It was my big girl Cara-Li's last day of school. Not just any last day of school. But her last day of kindergarten and her last day at the school she has been going to for the last four years. Hmmm... I remember that very first day when we walked hand-in-hand down the street, how we talked about her going to school like a big girl (she only went 2 mornings a week at that time), how she went in the class not realizing that I would be leaving and the look of despair as she saw me go. Since I have been home with Alexia as of last September, I have been able to drop off and pick up Cara-Li every single day for the entire year. How I will miss that little walk to and fro! How I will miss the wonderful teachers and how I will miss all the other mothers I had befriended over the year. A very sad day indeed. Cara-Li, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be too, too bothered. Kids! We did have a nice lunch just the three of us, Mommy, Daddy and Cara-Li in honour of her graduation. Alexia missed out... she was home with the nanny having a nap!

PS: I would like to thank Cara-Li's teachers, Mme. R. and Mme. S. for all they have done for my Cara-Li!

2004: First Day of School Party

2004: First Day of School in her uniform

Present: Last Day of School in her uniform

Present: Last Day of School Party

I leave you with some more white/cream photographs. Don't worry... the week is almost over. There will be a new colour on Monday!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shades of White

Here are my submissions for this week's assignment (shades of white) for 'Shades of Inspiriation'. Ooooo... I am having fun taking pictures again! When I am looking for something for photograph, I suddenly find the beauty in oh so many things!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day and Etc.

First off, I would like to wish my husband, my father, my father-in-law and all fathers out there a very Happy Belated Father's Day! I was 'sans' computer for 4 days as we headed west down the 401 to Guelph to visit family this past weekend. Poor little old me!

A grand time was had by all. We left right after school on Thursday with arrival in the early evening. We quickly visited Gord's parents before it was time to get the girls to bed. Shopping was on tap for me on Friday while Gord and the girls visited with his parents again. We then all joined up with his 2 sisters, nieces, nefew and great-nefew (yes, I am a great aunt!) for dinner at a local Chinese restaurant. Yum-yum! On Saturaday, it was an early departure as we all headed to the Toronto Zoo. It has now become a tradition in our family. For the last few years, we always to go to some park or zoo for Father's Day. This year we went a day early. After our long day at the zoo, we all met up at my SIL's for a wonderful BBQ. On Sunday, it was lunch with the parents and then headed back towards home. A trip to Ontario would not be complete if there wasn't a stop at Michaels. I spotted one on the 401 and begged Gordie to get off. I was given 15 minutes to go through it as they all waited in the car. God help me! I managed to spend quite a bit in short a short period of time.
Here are some of my favorite pictures of the weekend.

Cara-Li and her cousin N.

Cara-Li and her cousin C.

What is funny about this picture is the conversation that the 2 were having while looking at these monkey-type animals.

Cara-Li: ''Oooooo.... look at that monkey! It has a wenis like a boy!''

Also, I have joined a new group called 'Shades of Inspiration'. Basically, a new colour is assigned every Monday and we are to take photographs of whatever we like incorporating that colour. Fun! I find that if I do not have an 'assignment' that I do not take any pictures other than the usual family things. Sometimes these can be boring. So I am posting last week's assignment now which was the colour green. I must add that I did not really try hard, I just happened to get these at the zoo.

I promise to try a little harder for this week's assignment!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Doll Quilt & Gardens

I finally received my Doll Quilt from the Lemonade Stand Doll Quilt swap! Here it is and I love it, the girls love it and the dollies too! (those cute dolls were handmade for Alexia by Mortimer's Mom... love 'em!)

Cara-Li lost yet another front tooth. That brings us to 3 in less than 2 weeks! That Tooth Fairy has been very busy!! Poor thing can't eat anything right now... there are holes everywhere in her mouth :(

And to the person who switched all the tags in my herb garden at the Christening, please stand up! I am on to you!

Oh... I forgot to mention. See all the poofy-like cotton stuff in this tree?

Well, this poplar tree is in my backyard and guess what happened to all that poofiness? It all floated down onto my lovely Garden Party last Sunday. Nice huh? People had fluff going up their noses, sticking to the faces and nesting into their hair. It looked like we were having winter flurries during a June heat wave!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Christening Bliss!

Well... we finally had our first Garden Party and it was for Alexia's Christening. I had the best time planning it although I only started seriously planning it 2 weeks ago. Invites had been sent but there was no real plan. Then we went to a wonderful Baptism last week that had been planned to a tee and I started to get nervous. But I work best under pressure! One last weather check on Friday morning and we decided that it would be a go for a Garden Party. Called the rental company and had tables and chairs delivered. Eventhough thunderstorms were expected in early evening :)

First off, here are some photos of the party favors and thank you gifts that were given to our guests. My dear friend L. and I worked on this the day before. Many thanks must be given to 3D as this is where I had seen the chocolate-dipped fortune cookies some time ago. Thanks D!

In the center of each bamboo steamer was a special fortune:

To the world, you may just be somebody… but to somebody, you may be the world.

This is what they looked like all wrapped up.

And all the leftover cookies were placed on this lovely 3-tier platter with some chocolates and Pockys in a glass that was used on the dessert table.

Everyone also received a Money Tree in honor of Alexia.

The actual church ceremony was short and sweet which was just fine by most and it was super hot and humid! Good weather for a Garden Party (and thunderstorms too!).

That's the four of us all dressed up!

And here we are again with the Godparents, my brother M. and his fiancée T.

Everyone was then invited to our home to enjoy the backyard and a lovely lupper.

Backyard prior to guests.

My parents and my neice, B.

Here is my brother N., my other brother M., sister-in-law M., and dear friend LC.

Here we have C., K., B., J. and Alexia.

Here's a glimpse at the crazy dessert table. There was way too much cake!! But it was really nice!

Here are some pictures of the kids having fun!

My little Alexia, the party girl!

Dumpling and Cara-Li

My neice B., J., Dumpling and Cara-Li

G., Cara-Li and Dumpling

Dumpling, Cara-Li, G. and BB (hiding)

It was also my father's 80th Birthday today! Happy Birthday Nonno!

And, I had to finish with this photo. This is the best photo taken of us probably since our wedding day, a long, long time ago!

By the way, we were graced with a lovely thunderstorm and heavy rain just shortly after dessert and Chinese tea was served :)

So sorry for the million photos but it was such a great day!