Monday, June 9, 2008

Christening Bliss!

Well... we finally had our first Garden Party and it was for Alexia's Christening. I had the best time planning it although I only started seriously planning it 2 weeks ago. Invites had been sent but there was no real plan. Then we went to a wonderful Baptism last week that had been planned to a tee and I started to get nervous. But I work best under pressure! One last weather check on Friday morning and we decided that it would be a go for a Garden Party. Called the rental company and had tables and chairs delivered. Eventhough thunderstorms were expected in early evening :)

First off, here are some photos of the party favors and thank you gifts that were given to our guests. My dear friend L. and I worked on this the day before. Many thanks must be given to 3D as this is where I had seen the chocolate-dipped fortune cookies some time ago. Thanks D!

In the center of each bamboo steamer was a special fortune:

To the world, you may just be somebody… but to somebody, you may be the world.

This is what they looked like all wrapped up.

And all the leftover cookies were placed on this lovely 3-tier platter with some chocolates and Pockys in a glass that was used on the dessert table.

Everyone also received a Money Tree in honor of Alexia.

The actual church ceremony was short and sweet which was just fine by most and it was super hot and humid! Good weather for a Garden Party (and thunderstorms too!).

That's the four of us all dressed up!

And here we are again with the Godparents, my brother M. and his fiancée T.

Everyone was then invited to our home to enjoy the backyard and a lovely lupper.

Backyard prior to guests.

My parents and my neice, B.

Here is my brother N., my other brother M., sister-in-law M., and dear friend LC.

Here we have C., K., B., J. and Alexia.

Here's a glimpse at the crazy dessert table. There was way too much cake!! But it was really nice!

Here are some pictures of the kids having fun!

My little Alexia, the party girl!

Dumpling and Cara-Li

My neice B., J., Dumpling and Cara-Li

G., Cara-Li and Dumpling

Dumpling, Cara-Li, G. and BB (hiding)

It was also my father's 80th Birthday today! Happy Birthday Nonno!

And, I had to finish with this photo. This is the best photo taken of us probably since our wedding day, a long, long time ago!

By the way, we were graced with a lovely thunderstorm and heavy rain just shortly after dessert and Chinese tea was served :)

So sorry for the million photos but it was such a great day!


3D said...

What a lovely christening! I love what you did with the cookies...I am earmarking this post for future reference!!

GORGEOUS pics and thanks for sharing.

Keep smilin!

Louanne said...

Oh I love all the photos!! And that you guys had coordinating oufits. Sweet!

Susie & Gordie said...

Dear Louanne,

Thanks for noticing that we were all coordinating. It all started with daisy dresses for the girls. Then I saw an ad for a daisy dress for me that I absolutely had to have. And Gordie decided to wear his yellow shirt so that we would all look cute!


Anonymous said...

I agree with 3d. Definitely worth
marking for future reference!

Fantastic photos- thanks for sharing.

This is my first comment on a blog!

Best regards,