Monday, July 27, 2009

Forever Family Day #6

THEN - 2003

NOW - 2009

Today, we celebrated our 6th Forever Day with our sweet Cara-Li. As we do every year, we began our day with me sliding into bed with her and hugging the bejesus out of her while telling her that I am the luckiest Mommy in the whole wide world. We normally try to take this day off of work in order to spend the entire day together as a family but this year due to many employees on vacation, I was unable to do so :( I did leave early so that we could head down to Chinatown where she was allowed to buy anything she wanted in any of the shops and, of course, we had the best Chinese dinner. It was soooo yummy as it was our first real meal in two weeks (more about this later). Our day also ended as it usually does on Forever Family Day. Cara-Li crawls on my belly and I stroke her hair until she falls asleep, just like we did 6 years ago in China. I love this day... it is my favorite celebration of the year! I love you my sweet Cara-Li!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hepu Reunion 2009

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of meeting up with our travel group that we went to China with for Cara-Li for our 6th annual reunion. 7 of the 8 families made the trip to Stoneham, Quebec where we rented 3 beautiful cottages (complete with hot tubs!) in the woods. The accomodations were great and we all had a fabulous time together as usual! Upon arrival, Cara-Li was gone within minutes to check out the place and play with the other girls. Completely out of character for her but we couldn't be more pleased! Since our last trip, Cara-Li has now learned to speak French and can easily communicate with the other girls. Obviously made a huge difference as we did not see her the entire weekend! In total there were 12 little girls ranging from 2 to 9 years old. There were sleepovers happening for all the age groups in differenct chalets but Cara-Li was not ready for that. There's always next year :)

We arrived mid-Friday afternoon and settled in before some of the others started to tricle in. Once everyone was accounted for, we began our annual 'Wine and Cheese Fest'. Everyone adds what the want to the buffet table and then the party begins. This is always my favorite evening of the entire weekend as most of us have not seen each other in a year and there is always lots to catch up with. Needless to say that this usually goes on until the wee hours of the morning and We always get a late start on the Saturday which this year was not a problem as we did not have anything planned. We did end up have a group lunch followed by a swim in the pool which was around the corner. Saturday night was once again a BBQ smorgisborg but ended somewhat earlier due to the night before. A lovely brunch was made by all the next mrning before it was time to wrap things up and make our way home. Another year gone by with our lovely little girls from China. Who can believe it.

Here are some pics of our weekend.

The girls playing 'spies' with their flashlights

I think we need to get a hot tub!

The BBQ Dads

The Girls. Aren't they all beauties?

The Parents. Aren't we all beauties :) Photo taken by Cara-Li with my SLR. She does a better job in framing than Gord does :)

Our little family of four

The Four Musketeers... Friends Forver!

On our way home, we made a pit stop at Montmorency Falls.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mission 'Almost' Accomplished

UPDATE: Our friend C. called mid-afternoon on Thursday to see if we wanted to join her and her lovely daughter, G, for a quick bite at the Bistro before going to see a bunch of people shave their heads for charity. So there... the mission was, in fact, accomplished!!

During the week last week, I had made plans to dine out Wednesday and Thursday of this week. As I was sitting on the dock last Sunday, I received a Facebook invite for dinner on Monday. Since we are going away this weekend, Friday dinner would be in Stoneham. That left Tuesday night to fill and I would NOT be doing any cooking! So I scrambled a little to find something and then I remembered that our town always has a theme night in the park on Tuesdays. Perfect... Russian night for Tuesday!

So this is how it all panned (and will pan) out:

Monday: Dinner at Vino Restaurant to celebrate Mortimer's Mom's birthday. I was invited by one of her friends via Facebook and joined her galpals for a very loud but delightful dinner.

Tuesday: Russian Night was rained out but since the girls were at our friend's house for the evening, Gord and I went to the local Bistro and had a renovation meeting, a do we or don't we kind of discussion. Lots of lychee martinis and wine were consumed and by then, we pretty much agreed to go all out on the renos.

Wednesday: Dinner at Tapeo (a tapas bar) with A and C, our dear old friends and neighbors. It was fabulous! Not only was the company great but the food was outstanding. Anyone in the Montreal area MUST try this restaurant!

Thursday: Problem. Our dinner with M and E to celebrate our 2 year referral day called to cancel. Now what? I am scrambling to find a solution. Help!

Friday: Wine and cheese with Cara-Li's adoption group in Stoneham. We are gettting together with all 8 families for our annual reunion. Sound be fun!

Saturday: BBQ dinner in Stoneham.

Sunday: Dinner on the road on the way home.

And finally, Monday is the start of Phase One of the South Beach Diet which will last 2 weeks. No starches, no sugars and no ALCOHOL! Yikes...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Referral Day!

Today, July 6th, marks 2 years since we got Alexia's referral. We didn't get to see her little face for another week but we did find out that there was an 8 month old baby girl named Guang Yun Xia waiting for us in China. And anyone who has gotten this call knows what a wonderful day referral day is. Certainly a day worth celebrating! In fact, we are going out for supper with another family that we travelled with this coming Thursday. We will be dining at the same restaurant as 2 years ago when we sat there totally consumed with excitement and anticipation. What a feeling! We are blessed to have this little girl join our family and the last 2 years could not have been the same without her. We love you Alexia Yun Xia!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


This was Alexia's first day at playgroup which she goes to one morning a week. She was too cute and so proud to be going to 'school' with her backpack and a snack. The dropoff went extremely well, too well in fact, as she did not even bat an eyelash when I dropped her off :( She was just too excited to be doing what she big sister is doing!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

First off, I would like to wish all my fellow Canadians a very Happy Canada Day! This is a day that we should be thankful that we are Canadians and truly be proud of who we are.

This is what we did on this day to commemorate it:

Since Canada Day fell on a Wednesday this year, we decided to spend it in town. Montreal-West always hold a parade through town followed by a party in the park complete with BBQ, bouncy games, cotton candy, band and fireworks.

Here is a photo of the Farrell Family on this day. Do you think we are proud Canadians?

There was a bunch of special guests at the parade such as clowns, RCMP officers and the SQ (provincial police).

The girls had such a great time with all their friends and most espedcially Cara-Li who got to stay out until 11:30PM to see the fireworks with her Dad!