Monday, July 27, 2009

Forever Family Day #6

THEN - 2003

NOW - 2009

Today, we celebrated our 6th Forever Day with our sweet Cara-Li. As we do every year, we began our day with me sliding into bed with her and hugging the bejesus out of her while telling her that I am the luckiest Mommy in the whole wide world. We normally try to take this day off of work in order to spend the entire day together as a family but this year due to many employees on vacation, I was unable to do so :( I did leave early so that we could head down to Chinatown where she was allowed to buy anything she wanted in any of the shops and, of course, we had the best Chinese dinner. It was soooo yummy as it was our first real meal in two weeks (more about this later). Our day also ended as it usually does on Forever Family Day. Cara-Li crawls on my belly and I stroke her hair until she falls asleep, just like we did 6 years ago in China. I love this day... it is my favorite celebration of the year! I love you my sweet Cara-Li!


3D said...

Happy Forever Family Day!

Keep smilin!

Nat said...

6 years ago, I didn't even had the chance to know you yet, and still, that post made me all emotional... Happy forever family day to the whole family, with a special hug to Cara-Li, who's growing up so beautifully!

Julie said...

Happy family day!! Sounds like a lovely tradition!

Wanda said...

Oh, I missed this post entirely.

Happy Forever Family Day!! I love how you've kept it such a special tradition.