Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Conclusion

So we have finally recovered from the weekend! Well, I really didn't do much. But Gord did run that 10 km for the Underwear Affair. He raised $5,175.00 in total and was the top male fundraiser (well, after the chairman and director which doesn't count as he didn't run nor did he wear underwear for the event). People were somewhat flamboyant with the outfits. Gord wore his 'Ants in my Pants' boxers. We will definitely have to spruce this up a bit for next year's race and we, the spectators, will also join in on the costumes.

Here are some photos.

Here is Gord with fellow runner C. enjoying a post-race beer. Yum-yum!!

And a few pics of the kids while waiting at the finish line.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Uncover the Cure

This Saturday, Sept. 20th, Gord will be running the 10km run on the streets of Montreal for The Underwear Affair. All runners must be dressed in everything from briefs and boy-shorts to t-shirts and tracksuits, and help fund life-saving research for cancers like prostate, colorectal, cervical, ovarian, and others that occur below the waist. Gord has already raised close to $3800.00 out of his $5000.00 goal and is currently placed in 8th position as Top Fund Raiser for Montreal. Should you want to sponsor him for such a great cause, please use the link below.

Gord's personal page

Thanks :)


Since Gord was out of town for my birthday, I decided to spend the evening with 2 of my oldest and dearest girlfriends. Let' s just say, one too many lychees martinis might have been had! I didn't hear my 6:30AM alarm and Alexia didn't wake up either. So much to our dismay, we woke up at 7:30AM! Cara-Li's bus comes by at 7:50AM! She barely made it but all is now good. Oh... and I think I short-changed the babysitter last night. Simple math skills were not a high priority apparently last night! I'll get you on Saturday, K.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Happy Birthday to Moi!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Gotta Love Anniversaries!

One year ago today, we arrived home from China with our newest addition, Alexia. I remember the amazing feeling of being home, sleeping in our own bed and just the thrill of beginning our life as a family of four. It is such an amazing high!

I mentionned this anniversary to Gord yesterday and he became very insistent that we have lunch together today to celebrate. Mondays are never a good day for me to leave the store but I figured, what the hay, he is so gung ho about it. What's up with that?? And he is leaving for Toronto for the entire week for work AND is missing my birthday. However, when I got to work today, we were short-staffed and therefore, it was impossible for me to leave. So Gord joined me for lunch in my office and over a Big Mac, this is what he handed over to me....

It was wrapped of course with a lovely card. A diamond and sapphire tennis bracelet!! To die for!! The occasion... for having Alexia. It is a lovely tradition that I heard about years ago (Gord is convinced that I made it up). Husband gives a piece of jewelery to his wife at the arrival of their child and then that piece of jewelery is handed down to them when they are older. It is a little late as Alexia has been with us for a year but one should not complain. Did you see what I got?? A tennis bracelet!!!!

This is what was given to me for Cara-Li's arrival.

In case you haven't noticed, I love sapphires. And it is my birthstone. I wonder if Gord knows that....

Friday, September 5, 2008

It's Friday....

It's Friday and we can all start with our weekends! Cara-Li finished her first week of school and I guess, like many do, she wanted to celebrate. So, as we adults head off to the local pub or bar for a quick drink at Happy Hour, my daughter decided that she was in for an after-school muffin. And because she didn't want to eat alone and is polite, she bought a muffin for herself and her 4 little friends.

A round of muffins for everyone! Yahooo!

Too cute!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One Year Ago Today....

Sept. 2nd, 2007 will forever be engraved in my mind as one of the most important and fulfilling days of my life. We became parents for a second time and Cara-Li finally became a Jie Jie, a role she had been waiting to fill for such a long time. Our sweet Guang Yun Xia was placed in our arms at 4:30PM and life has not been the same since! Xia Xia, as we call her, has blossomed into a bright, vivacious and strong-willed little girl. Our lives would not have been complete without her.

On Sept. 2nd, 2007, I went to sleep a very proud and happy mother to two beautiful and wonderful daughters. I don't know.... can life get any better? Yup. On Sept. 2nd, 2008, I am going to sleep an even prouder and happier mother. That's how it gets better!



Monday, September 1, 2008

It's a Tough Life....

But someone's gotta do it!

We had the MOST fabulous Labour Day weekend ever! The weather was more than stupendous and the lake was surprisingly warm. There was nothing to do and no where to be. Just a whole lotta of fun by the water!

Sunset at Lake Hughes

Sunrise at Lake Hughes

Big offensive-looking Sea-Doo teeter-tater that the kids absolutely loved! Thanks C and P for leaving it behind. We'll make sure it gets back to you for use in your hot tub!

And guess where I am off to the first week of October....

PARIS!!!! And with my very bestest girlfriend for an entire week of food, wine, touring and sleeping when I want to with no kids to wake me up!