Monday, September 15, 2008

Gotta Love Anniversaries!

One year ago today, we arrived home from China with our newest addition, Alexia. I remember the amazing feeling of being home, sleeping in our own bed and just the thrill of beginning our life as a family of four. It is such an amazing high!

I mentionned this anniversary to Gord yesterday and he became very insistent that we have lunch together today to celebrate. Mondays are never a good day for me to leave the store but I figured, what the hay, he is so gung ho about it. What's up with that?? And he is leaving for Toronto for the entire week for work AND is missing my birthday. However, when I got to work today, we were short-staffed and therefore, it was impossible for me to leave. So Gord joined me for lunch in my office and over a Big Mac, this is what he handed over to me....

It was wrapped of course with a lovely card. A diamond and sapphire tennis bracelet!! To die for!! The occasion... for having Alexia. It is a lovely tradition that I heard about years ago (Gord is convinced that I made it up). Husband gives a piece of jewelery to his wife at the arrival of their child and then that piece of jewelery is handed down to them when they are older. It is a little late as Alexia has been with us for a year but one should not complain. Did you see what I got?? A tennis bracelet!!!!

This is what was given to me for Cara-Li's arrival.

In case you haven't noticed, I love sapphires. And it is my birthstone. I wonder if Gord knows that....


3D said...

Love the bling!! Special pressies.

Keep smilin!

amy said...

Beautiful...Bet that brought a smile

Christy said...

Happy anniversary and love the jewels!!!

I love your story about Cara-Li. I am glad Mia's piercing aided you in holding her off from piercing-- too funny. I loved her reaction-- too cute. It was tough watching Mia cry but she was fine in a few minutes. I should have explained that my camera is an SLR so those pictues were taken very quickly and it was not like she was sitting there crying by herself for long. Anyway, I loved Cara-li's response.

Christy :)

Nat said...

And to think that just the other day, you were talking about how you got a ring for Cara-Li and had nothing for Alexia... ;o)

Congratulations, mama Susan!