Friday, September 5, 2008

It's Friday....

It's Friday and we can all start with our weekends! Cara-Li finished her first week of school and I guess, like many do, she wanted to celebrate. So, as we adults head off to the local pub or bar for a quick drink at Happy Hour, my daughter decided that she was in for an after-school muffin. And because she didn't want to eat alone and is polite, she bought a muffin for herself and her 4 little friends.

A round of muffins for everyone! Yahooo!

Too cute!


3D said...

Baked goods celebration!

Keep smilin!

Christy said...

I cant belive how much your girls have changed in a year after reading your last post. Amazing what can happen in a year. Your girls are adorable!!!

Christy :)