Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Conclusion

So we have finally recovered from the weekend! Well, I really didn't do much. But Gord did run that 10 km for the Underwear Affair. He raised $5,175.00 in total and was the top male fundraiser (well, after the chairman and director which doesn't count as he didn't run nor did he wear underwear for the event). People were somewhat flamboyant with the outfits. Gord wore his 'Ants in my Pants' boxers. We will definitely have to spruce this up a bit for next year's race and we, the spectators, will also join in on the costumes.

Here are some photos.

Here is Gord with fellow runner C. enjoying a post-race beer. Yum-yum!!

And a few pics of the kids while waiting at the finish line.


Hutchinson Family said...

Thank you so much for posting on our blog. I love the "underpanties" as my girls call them...even the ones for men:)

I was just talking about you last night to a friend who adopted her daughter 1 year ago July, same age as your little one, your ears must have been burning.... I was saying how much I loved and missed China.
How fast the year had passed and that I still vividly remember all the random encounters with other groups we had...since we were traveling alone.

We have a very Chinese home so I am always thinking China...for the year we have a teacher here from China -we are hosting her.She works in one of the schools and teaches Chinese. In Michigan with our economy so bad there is a push to work with China.

We love having her the girls call her Da Jie Jie---for big big sister...since we call Rou Rou -jie jie.

I love the purple dresses also. We were in Texas and we were going to take the girls to a store called "The American Girl" store...hard to explain but it is a store of really expensive dolls that caterers to girls...little girls lunch, spa etc. ...but we never made it...so I went online to see if I could buy them something and I saw these dresses on sale....I think $10 and there is a matching purple shrug. I loved the color and the faux purple fur on he bottom. Anyway...I was sold:) They are amazing quality- heavy silk, lined and everything. I just went on the site to see if I could order them for you....but sold out. I bought them in July. They still have the ones under the sale tab for the dolls. But then you'd also have to buy the dolls.

I am posting Gord's link to raise funds on our website....and a few pics of your family so my friends know why I am posting:)

Happy Birthday- I turned 40 in May...still not used to it.

Your girls are beautiful I am shocked by how much they have both grown.

Stay in touch!

Hugs- Shelli

Mortimer's Mom said...

congrats to Gord!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Way to go Gord!!!

This race looks like a lot of fun....can't wait to see next years costumes!