Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Referral Day!

Today, July 6th, marks 2 years since we got Alexia's referral. We didn't get to see her little face for another week but we did find out that there was an 8 month old baby girl named Guang Yun Xia waiting for us in China. And anyone who has gotten this call knows what a wonderful day referral day is. Certainly a day worth celebrating! In fact, we are going out for supper with another family that we travelled with this coming Thursday. We will be dining at the same restaurant as 2 years ago when we sat there totally consumed with excitement and anticipation. What a feeling! We are blessed to have this little girl join our family and the last 2 years could not have been the same without her. We love you Alexia Yun Xia!


Fixer Mamma said...

is it wrong that the picture still makes me giggle 2 years later? that is one classic referral picture!

And she is SUCH a delightful girl! you are so lucky, such a wonderful family!

Wanda said...

Oh congratulations!! You're right -there really is nothing like it.

What a little beauty your little Mei Mei is - and she fits in just perfectly with your family.

Nat said...

Happy anniversary! I hope you got to open a little something to celebrate! ;o)