Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mission 'Almost' Accomplished

UPDATE: Our friend C. called mid-afternoon on Thursday to see if we wanted to join her and her lovely daughter, G, for a quick bite at the Bistro before going to see a bunch of people shave their heads for charity. So there... the mission was, in fact, accomplished!!

During the week last week, I had made plans to dine out Wednesday and Thursday of this week. As I was sitting on the dock last Sunday, I received a Facebook invite for dinner on Monday. Since we are going away this weekend, Friday dinner would be in Stoneham. That left Tuesday night to fill and I would NOT be doing any cooking! So I scrambled a little to find something and then I remembered that our town always has a theme night in the park on Tuesdays. Perfect... Russian night for Tuesday!

So this is how it all panned (and will pan) out:

Monday: Dinner at Vino Restaurant to celebrate Mortimer's Mom's birthday. I was invited by one of her friends via Facebook and joined her galpals for a very loud but delightful dinner.

Tuesday: Russian Night was rained out but since the girls were at our friend's house for the evening, Gord and I went to the local Bistro and had a renovation meeting, a do we or don't we kind of discussion. Lots of lychee martinis and wine were consumed and by then, we pretty much agreed to go all out on the renos.

Wednesday: Dinner at Tapeo (a tapas bar) with A and C, our dear old friends and neighbors. It was fabulous! Not only was the company great but the food was outstanding. Anyone in the Montreal area MUST try this restaurant!

Thursday: Problem. Our dinner with M and E to celebrate our 2 year referral day called to cancel. Now what? I am scrambling to find a solution. Help!

Friday: Wine and cheese with Cara-Li's adoption group in Stoneham. We are gettting together with all 8 families for our annual reunion. Sound be fun!

Saturday: BBQ dinner in Stoneham.

Sunday: Dinner on the road on the way home.

And finally, Monday is the start of Phase One of the South Beach Diet which will last 2 weeks. No starches, no sugars and no ALCOHOL! Yikes...


Wanda said...

Feast or famine. Why can't life just be a feast all the time?

Oh well, enjoy it will it lasts.

Shelli said...

Ahh...I am so behind on our blog...I am sooo impressed by you!

I want to live in Montreal...I want to eat at all the great places you mention...I love the Canada day celebration! The red is awesome and so "chinese of you"...I mean Canadian.

A huge Mazel Tov on your referral day...I can't believe it is almost 2 years that we have been home with our girls.

Have a great summer-
Hug- Shelli