Thursday, June 26, 2008

Parties and Stuff

Last weekend was a busy one for us with the holiday and all. Friday night was Volunteer Appreciation Night here in our town and since Gord is a soccer coach, we were invited to a dinner at the pool. Well, let's just say some beverages were consumed by all and many had to walk home. Good thing the town is really small!

It was a tough go on Saturday morning but we had to wake up for Cara-Li's last soccer game. Cara-Li still did not enjoy soccer tremendously this year but we did see a huge improve over last year. When she applied herself, she was actually quite good. Compared to last year when all she did was pick dandelions!

Then Cara-Li was off to a classmate's birthday party. I tell you... what a way to end a school year. With a big bash!

Then it was off to the cottage for a long weekend. We had not been there since before our trip to Cuba in March. 3 months... I do believe that this was the longest period of time that we were away from it. I tell you... I missed it tons! Glad to see that it was still standing. Well, minus a screen door that got blown away during a winter storm, minus a canoe that got squished under the weight of all that snow and our dock which was sort of listing into the lake. Nothing that cannot be fixed or replaced. Did I mention I want to build an extention to the cottage? A mud room right off the front of the house. Hopefully we can do it. Must check city by-laws first.

Then, it was a pool party for us adults upon arrival. Two nights in a row without children. Wow! Cara-Li and Alexia had a sleepover guest for the night so needless to say, no one went to sleep early. But they all managed to get up early! Not to mention the major nose bleed Cara-Li had in the middle of the night. Darn those kids! :)

The next three days were pretty quiet with lots of setting up and de-winterizing. The dock is pretty much fixed and all our patio furniture is out. Ready for this upcoming weekend's morning coffee. Ahhh.... bliss!

Oh, I forgot to mention that this is my last week at home. As of next Wednesday I will be back at work full time. Life sucks! :(

And lastly, this week's colour for Shades of Inspiration is blue. There are not many things in my world that are blue except for my mood :(


Made in China said...

I can relate to the coaching thing - my hubby is both the baseball coach and the hockey coach!
I remember how hard it was to go back to work - I hope it goes smoothyly for you.

3D said...

Lovely pics! Hope the back to work goes smoothly.

Keep smilin!