Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Due to the this super busy time in my life, I must reduce myself to using bullets for this post.

  • We are in the process of renovating our master bathroom. Things are moving so slowly!! And everything is soooo dusty!

  • On July 27th, Alexia turned 20 months old. Happy Birthday sweetiepie! She is such an active baby and keeps us all on our toes. She now is able to answer to 'What is your name?' with a 'Sha-Shaaaaa'. We often call her by her Chinese nickname which is Xia Xia (pronounced Shia Shia). She whispers it and says it with a grin from ear to ear. She is too cute!

  • We spent the long weekend at the cottage with more setting up and preparing for the summer months. We also bought some new shoe racks at Ikea which we combined 2 together to form a cute window bench with storage. No shoes in these shoe racks... only toys!

  • It rained most of Saturday and Sunday which is when we did most of our work but Monday was a glorious day! I spent it with my girls and Auntie L. and her niece on the dock and kayaking around the lake. A blast was had by all!

  • Gord ran for 'HBC Run for Canada' on Canada Day. They help raise money for our Cnadaina athletes in the Olympics. Nevermind... Gord just wants to win the trip to Beijing!

  • Our dear friends C. and P. hosted a wonderful Canada Day BBQ which was a great way to start the festivities.

  • Cara-Li was asked to join the Montreal-West Canada Day parade with her school. So we marched down the streets of our little town with her in the blistering heat which ended in the neighborhood park where lots of activities were planned for the entire day and ended with fireworks (which we did not see!)

  • Wednesday, July 2nd... it is 10 months ago today that our sweet Alexia became a part of our family. What a wonderful day that was!

  • Wednesday, July 2nd... instead of spending my entire day with my 2 beautiful daughters, I went to work. Today was my first day back :( It was tough. Tough being back at work, tough being away from my girls, tough, Tough, TOUGH!!!



3D said...

It was a lovely weekend. Rain and sun but fun at the cottage.

Hope the back to work transition goes smoothly!

Keep smilin!

amy said...

Love the pics and bullet posts! Sounds like you have been busy