Monday, July 7, 2008

Andy Collins for Kids

We had the privilege to attend the Andy Collins for Kids Charity weekend up at Carling Lake this past weekend. Who would have thought we would have had such a fabulous time!

Let me explain... Andy Collins was a local party boy, a bonvivant, whose life ended rathered abruptly at the young age of 46 about 12 years ago. It was at his wake that his fellow party buddies decided that he should be remembered by starting a Funday and golf tournament to help raise money for the Montreal Children's Hospital as he had a great love for kids. And now, in its twelve year, they have managed to raise over $1 million with $225,000 this year alone!

The golf tournament was on Saturday morning followed by a cocktail hour and both silent and live auctions. A dinner followed in a tent set up on the premises with a fabulous live band. Since Gord had to get there early for tee off, we decided to check in on the Friday and make a weekend out of it. Gord and the girls had a head start and myself and L. drove up a little later. L., C. and I went out for dinner upon arriving and let's just say that in a just a couple of hours, we managed to catch up to those that were there earlier. By the time we went to bed, we were, let's just say, pretty happy. Morning did come a little too soon and thus making the beginning of the day a little difficult. Gord was off golfing (with what was described to me as an obscene amount of alcohol) while L. and I stayed with the girls. We enjoyed the beautiful lake, pool and lawn chairs. We had our babysitter K. present at the event (she was being honoured for helping to raise funds with her 'Soccer for Charity' event) so we piled 4 kids into 2 adjoining rooms with K. and we were off for the evening (well almost. We did have some issues). Anyway, we enjoyed our evening of food, drink and dance. The next day was way more tougher than the first seeing that Alexia hardly slept and I was 'on' that night. I do not think that I slept that entire night (or what was left of it).

In conclusion, hats off to all the misfits that helped organize this incredible event and I am sure that Andy Collins is looking down upon you all proud to have had you as friends. And I, not having known him, am in awe at what these people have done in the name of a cherished friend.

And not to mention, that this weekend has for sure taken 2 years off of my life! I am SPENT!


Anonymous said...

what a super endorsement for all the bucksters that work so hard on the funday.So glad your family and of course your "lebanese" girlfriend had such a great time.It truly is a labour of love.
You are now a "Buckster"!!!
with your permission Robert ,our program master may want to print your note in next years program
sincerely Bruce

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys had fun!!!


Claudia XXOO