Wednesday, April 4, 2007

April 4, 2003

It was 4 years ago today when we got our referral phone call for Cara-Li. Friday, April 4, 2003 at 3:03 PM. We were at a trade show at Place Bonaventure standing in our booth hoping the next 2 hours would hurry by before we could start closing up. In the distance, I could hear my cell phone ringing. I meander over thinking who could that be on a Friday at 3PM. It is our FUF rep calling. As she is talking, I can't help but wonder where she got my cell phone number and what it is that she was calling about. Then I heard her repeating over and over, ''Suzanne, j'ai devant moi votre proposition. C'est une fille... BLAH, Blah, blah....'' I finally clued in to what she was talking about. My God... this woman is telling me that we finally have a daughter! Knees buckle, tears start flowing and then the pacing. The rep is continuing on with info about Cara-Li which I think I made her repeat three times. Things have changed in the four years. At the time, there were no web sites to follow to see what was happening so that phone call came at least one month earlier than I expected. And this, just when SARS was starting to be mentionned. But that is another story all together.
In my heart, I kept hoping that today, April 4, 2007, we would receive yet another phone call about Mei Mei. But it didn't happen. Oh well! It will... eventually!

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