Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

How I love this day! We get to spend the day with our child(ren), we get to put our feet up and the weather is always great.

My day started on a rather sour note however. Last week, after much pondering, we purchased 2 beautiful topiary trees , planted them in urns and placed them on our either side of our door. Much to our chagrin, they were gone this morning... trees, urns, dirt etc. STOLEN, right from under our noses! Can you believe it?!? Cara-Li is beside herself telling everyone about our incident and insisting that we call the police. Poor thing! She is now afraid to leave anything outside.

Things picked up after that. Breakfast was prepared, apple turnovers were baked. Gifts were given. Cara-Li made this beautiful bracelet for me from Magic Dough at school last week. It is just beautiful! I wore it all day with pride.

Later in the day, as we were outside chaining our new urns to the railing (new topiary trees are backordered), Cara-Li's new babysitter drove by to drop off a gift that they had been working on all week. It is a beautiful pillow with Cara-Li's handprints on it. I just love it! I couldn't have asked for a better gift. Thanks L. for all your help with this project!

And now to report the latest early rumours. Rumour Queen has stated that she has heard from 2 sources that the next referrals (that will come probably first week of June) may go to November 16th - 21st. Remember, we are LID November 11th. I am NOT getting my hopes up as it can lead to disappointment. But one can't help but be excited when no one is looking!!

Happy Mother's Day to all!

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mortimersmom said...

how come you are not totally stressing out about the R3 on RQ???? they are saying 10 to 16th.... that's you!!!! BTW: I have a great Mai Tai sling that the Beach Ball was too big for. If you want to borrow it.