Monday, June 25, 2007

The Waiting Game

19 months and 2 weeks since LID. Who would have thought that we still would not have our daughter after all this time? It was been almost 3 weeks since the last referrals. We get back the 3rd of July so hopefully we will start hearing some talk that week with a possible phone call early the following week. One can only hope!

We have taken this week off and we are at the cottage having a grand old time. We have not been here since March so Cara-Li is having a blast re-discovering all her toys. I, too, had to re-discover many things. Couldn't find a cutting board to save my life. My memory is not like it used to be! But one thing I didn't forget is just how wonderful this place really is. Life is so much easier and relaxed here. I can understand why this is where I do all my thinking. It is here, on the dock sipping coffee at 6AM while listening to the birds chirping, that I made up my mind that adoption in China is what was right for our family (my other half was on board long before me). And so here I am, 6 years later, sitting in the same spot with one daughter sleeping peacefully in her bed and another daughter somewhere in China waiting for her forever family.

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