Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Stork Watch June 2007

Quote from RQ Blog:

June 5th, 2007

One person is reporting that they got the call!!!!
Referrals are here for at least one agency!!!! Their LID is the 7th, so they got at least that far.

So apparently some people are receiving their referral calls and they all seem to have an LID of Nov. 7th. The cut-off date is still unknown however. This does not mean that they did not get past the 7th but perhaps that their agency did not have any other Nov. LIDs after the 7th. So, there is still a tiny glimmer of hope... very, very tiny.

This past weekend, a friend of ours had a 'Ladies Night Out' for a bunch of us girls at which she invited a tarot card reader as our entertainment. Anyway, I went in, he proceeded to do his thing with the cards. We were allowed to ask a question so he knew that we were adopting from China by the nature of my question. He quickly asked me if I had asked for a boy as all his cards indicated that we will be referred a boy. HA! That is too funny! We'd have to change the name of this blog to 'Our Journey to DiDi'. Didi is baby brother. We'd have a lot of splaining to do... to Cara-Li, that is!

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Doris & Dan said...

I hope there is some good news!

Fingers crossed!

Keep smilin!