Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Actually posted on Tuesday, September 4th, 10:45PM

Today was a free day for everyone... yay! We got to sleep in till 6:30AM at which point Alexia just sat up in her crib and gave us one of her gummy smiles that would melt anyone's heart. What a way to wake up! This little girl has a fabulous little character... smiles all the time and has figured out that being held by mama and baba is a great thing. And she is the world's slowest eater! My goodness... serving her 3 meals a day requires most of the day! It seems that all I am doing is feeding her. She doesn't eat much but takes her time with every biteful. And since she doesn't have any teeth, our food options are drastically reduced.

Our big adventure today was to go to Wal-Mart Super Center. As it was not raining, we decided to walk. Since we are a bunch of Caucasians carrying a bunch of Chinese girls, we do cause quite the stir in this quiet little town of 4 million people.
First we stopped off at a local department store for baby shoes and then Wal-Mart where picked up a few provisions for the baby. Lunch was at the KFC in the Wal-Mart as everyone was hungry and getting grumpy. After a quiet afternoon, we had to get pictures of Alexia taken by a photographer for her Visa. We then proceeded to dine in the hotel Chinese restaurant as a group where lots of pijius (beer) and hongjiu (red wine) was consumed. Everyone is starting to relax as we are now a little less stressed since the arrival of the babies.

That's all for tonight folks. I should sleep a little... I am always afraid that the honeymoon will be over and Alexia will wake up during the night. So far, this has not been the case and mama, baba and jiejie have been baby to sleep the entire night. Let's hope that my little angel willcontinue to be an angel.

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Elisa, Jarrod, Thomas & Zoe said...

Loving the pics.
Congrats to you all.
So happy you are now a family of four!