Monday, December 3, 2007

The first Snow Day of the year!

I woke up this AM to the sounds of wind blowing and what sounded like snow hitting the bedroom window. I opened one eye to see that that was exactly what was happening. A huge snowstorm! Before getting Cara-Li up for school, I tuned in to the local radio station and, lo and behold, the first school closure mentionned was Cara-Li's. Yeahhhh! Our first snow day! Of course, Gord decided that he would not go to work either and opted to work from our home office. Not so good for me... that meant I would have no access to the computer :(

Views from our front door.
His office day did not last very long. As soon as breakfast was done, Cara-Li was looking to go outside to play in the snow. Of course she did. What child wouldn't? So off they went.

A couple of hours later, this is what appeared in my backyard.

Cara-Li using her own arms while...

Daddy found some branches.

The engineers themselves!

Isn't she the cutest Mrs. Frosty you have ever seen? And a fort was created under the swing set. How clever!

Poor Alexia could not join in the fun as she has a terrible cold :(

While they were out and Alexia was napping, I actually had some time to myself. What to do? I pulled out a project that had been waiting for a while. I converted this old case into a jewellery case that now hangs nicely in my closet. I am not much for jewellery (costume or real) but perhaps that it is now nicely displayed, I may actually think about wearing it.

Oh... here comes Gord wanting to use the computer. I am off to bake some apple muffins. I have been hanging on to this recipe since the fall. I know, I know... I am one season behide. But who knew that winter would come soooo quickly!


Doris & Dan said...

Makes snow day a fun day!

Keep smilin!

Sophie's Mom said...

We had a snow day too. Our snow wasn't wet enough to make a snow man though :(

Great pictures!

Mike, Hayley & Piper said...

wow, you guys need to come over and give us snowman lessons!


amy said...

what wonderful fun pictures

RoLo said...

I love the snowman