Saturday, February 2, 2008

5 months already

When do we stop counting how long that our baby Alexia has been with us? Probably never as that day is forever marked in our hearts as the most important day of our lives... the day that she became part of us, part of our family. I guess eventually we will only celebrate the actual day much like a birthday but for the first year, we allow ourselves to celebrate each month! So for the next 7 months, you will see a post on the 2nd of each month until we celebrate the big 1st Anniversary. After that, I promise that the anniversary post will be saved for the actual day itself.


Nat said...

Happy anniversary! :o)
How do they do it, getting cuter and cuter every month??? Alexia is just too precious!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely celebrate!! We celebrate with you each and everyday for the arrival of our babies!!

Auntie Karen