Saturday, March 22, 2008

Birthday Parties and Hasta Luego!

Well, it has been another busy 'Spring Break' week. On Tuesday, we were off to see the 'Butterflies go Free' exhibit at the Insectarium with Cara-Li and her friend K. from school. Since we had a monarch butterfly come out of his cocoon last year in our living room, Cara-Li has had a strong interest in butterflies. It was neat to see tons of them flying around you in the the greenhouse and Cara-Li is already planning next year's visit! It seems to me that this will become a yearly event.

On Friday, Cara-Li was invited to Dumpling's (Mortimer's Mom) birthday party. Dumpling, who turned 5, and Cara-Li are from the same orphanage in China and we moms figured out that they were there at the same time for a period of 5 months. They have seen each other several times in the last little while and Cara-Li has really taken a liking to her. She actually requested that Dumpling be invited to her birthday party. Too cute!

Which brings me to the next event. Cara-Li turn 6 years old while we are in Cuba next week. Can you believe that our baby is going to be six? ;( She was just a baby not too long ago! Anyway, enough of that! We decided that we would have her birthday party before our trip and because it was going to be today, on the eve of our departure, it was to be held somewhere else other than our house. No muss no fuss!

So here we are at the Univers Toutous where the kids got to build their own bear (or other animal) and played various games. After that it was cake and juice (coffee for the adults!). A great time was had by all... Cara-Li has not stopped thanking us for the best party ever! I think she had fun...

And lastly, we had dinner (out of course as we have no food in the house!) with my parents to end a most fabulous day.
As I type this, the kids are asleep, Gord is watching TV (probably sleeping!)and I have just finished packing our 100 bags!
And one more thing....


Mortimer's Mom said...

Dumpling said she liked Cara-Li's party better than her party! And good thing I made Gigi the Giraffe for BB: she has not put it down one second, and I'm typing this taking a break from SEWING SHOES for the bear and giraffe!!!! Thanks a lot! I'm pretty sure we'll be spending a LOT of money at the bear clothing store!

Made in China said...

Happy Easter!

Have a blast on your vacation!

Anonymous said...

Call your mother.