Monday, April 7, 2008

Some Fish and a Dish

I must say that Gord has been particularily productive today for a Monday. Besides going to work, he came home with some fish, a nice variety I may add, to keep our poor little neon company. We now have a very happy fish tank and it was too cute to see the girls with their noses stuck up to the glass. Where is that camera when you need it??

And, yes folks, we have joined the 21st century... FINALLY! We will have, as of tomorrow morning, a satelite dish installed complete with receivers for 3 TVs, PVR and HD. We are going from basic cable to all of this! I hope it rains tomorrow so that we can all watch TV ALL day! I thought Gord was keen on getting the dish for Cara-Li so that she can watch Ni Hao Kai Lan on Treehouse but one of his friends just informed me that he probably just wants to watch the hockey playoffs in HD. The bugger!


Mortimer's Mom said...

oh yeah! you are going to love the dish and more specifically, the PVR. it's the best with the kids! Ni Hao Kai Lan can be on anytime of day and night.

Made in China said...

Don't hope for rain, the dish doesn't receive well when it's raining so you get a garbled show. I want to switch back to "you know who" (local QC cable co).

Cute fish - we have a tank with a bunch of neons and one big goldfish (Naomi's). We call the fish tank "cat TV". Lol :o)