Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Day Has Come

Well, the countdown is on. In just a few hours I will be boarding a plane to Paris sans kids and sans husband but avec one friend! The bags are packed, the checklists has been checked and double-checked. I just have to wait for my lift to the airport. All is good!

Yesterday evening began extremely well with a friend dropping by to wish me a great trip. She came bearing champagne in honour of the upcoming trip. Nothing wrong with champagne! That was downed and then we had a lovely Chinese takeout dinner en famille. It is at this point that things started to go downhill. Alexia had the start of a cold and suddenly got worse which, of course, made her very cranky. Cara-Li then started a nose bleed. This happens very often with her but this time it just wouldn't stop. We basically had her hanging over the bathroom sink with a huge roll of scott towels. After what seemed like forever, it stopped. Next it was dealing with all the bloody clothes and getting everyone to bed.

This morning all was great. I went shopping to fill up the fridge for those being left behind and then proceeded to pack in peace.

My next post will be from Paris sometime tomorrow.

Au revoir!

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