Monday, October 20, 2008

I Am Drowning!

It has been over a week since our return from Paris and life hasn't stopped or slowed down in the least! I got the best welcome home from the girls upon arrival and hubs had a complete Thanksgiving spread ready for us. So we did had a turkey dinner after all! We arrived home at app. 7PM, had dinner and by 9PM I was out cold. Jetlag got the best of me once again. I don't know what it is but returning home is so hard for me. It took most of last week to get over it.
PS: I went back to my Paris posts and added pictures should you want to view them.

What else should I do upon my return in a jetlagged stupor? Plan a Birthday Party for Alexia, of course! She turns 2 at the end of the month but because my brother is getting married next weekend, we celebrated her birthday 2 weeks early. Our theme was ''Welcome to the Farrell Zoo''. Many friend and family joined us to celebrate this momentous birthday. Alexia had a grand old time!
Let's start with a lovely picture of Alexia with her father.

Alexia and Cara-Li were both wearing leopard print skirts and I was wearing a zebra-striped top (no pics of Cara-Li and I, of course!)

Followed by some pictures of the dessert items that were served.

Cupcakes in the shape of bears, pandas and sheep. Joint venture by Moi and Auntie Laure.

Monkey birthdy cake made by Auntie Laure.

Fruit floral arrangement that I am EXTREMELY proud of. It was quite easy to make and lots and lots of fun! I believe I have found myself a new day job.

These are the loot bags for the kids. I used Halloween pails as the base of the monkey face.


Mortimer's Mom said...

It was a FABULOUS party! you thought of everything. I see you didn't mention that even the WINE had an animal theme!!! happy birthdya Alexia!

Christy said...

How fun!! You did such a good job with everything and I love the cake!!! it is so cute and the monkey theme is great!!

Alexia and Mia are so close in age-- Mia's birthday is Oct 29 and she will also be 2. Anyway, cute pics and I will go check out your paris pics!

Christy :)

3D said...

Happy Birthday Sweet A!

Love all the special touches!

Keep smilin!

Made in China said...

Great party! Happy bday Alexia!