Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Didn't we just rid ourselves of this white stuff just a few months ago? I mean, I like snow. I like winter. I like winter activities. But this soon? It is a bit much! And all this before Halloween? NO... not acceptable. And while we're at it. Do we have to have Christmas decorations up and Christmas music playing in the malls at this time? PLEASE... let us enjoy Halloween before we move on to Christmas! GEEZ!


amy said...

this is crazy cold weather even in Atlanta!

Christy said...

Snow??? That is just crazy!! We are sitting with the hottest October in southern california on record. It was 90+ degrees yesterday-- ugggg!! I am so 100% totally completley done with summer. It is ongoing and will not end. I have not even been able to put Mia in her cute long sleeve outfits beucase she is sweating to death in them. I soooooo would love to have some nice white fuffy stuff around here-- please cold-- come on we need you!!!!

Christy :)