Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh so close!

But yet, oh, so far! We have been living the bathroom renovation from hell. It was to be a minor overhaul of our en-suite bathroom as we were keeping the tub sink, toilet and wall tiles. Basically we wanted to change the vanity, the tub surround and the lighting. We started it back in May when the fellow came to take measurements for the vanity. Then we had some work done on the ceiling as I wanted recessed lighting. That took a while. Then we waited for the specific granite tiles to come in, then it was a wait for the heated floors to come in. Then we ordered the granite countertops (which were returned once due to wrong colour). During this time, the existing tub (which we are re-installing) was living in my bedroom. Yes, right next to my side of the bed for app. 3 months! One wrong move during the night and I'd end up in it. So much to my excitement, the tub left the bedroom last Sunday (yes, hangover Sunday as it was the day after Gord's party) and returned to its rightful place. If you ever feel that your room is too small, place a large tub in the little free space you have and live like that for 3 months. Let me tell you, right now, I feel like my bedroom is the size of a football field! Which brings me to last night. The boys called me up to decide the height at which I wanted the mirror at. All seemed OK and I returned back to my dishes. Lots of hammering and lot of noise later, I hear, Oh SH*T! I'm not exactly sure what happened as no one is speaking but there was suddening a large hole in the wall above where the mirror was supposed to be. So instead of posting pictures of the before and after, I can only post a couple of the process instead with hopes of having it all complete very soon! Oh and did I mention that poor Alexia has been bathing in the kitchen this entire time. She doesn't even remember what a bathtub is for, I am sure!

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Anonymous said...

I do reluctantly recall a similar renovation at my place. I feel your pain.