Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cookies Galore!

This past Tuesday, I hosted my 2nd Annual Cookie Exchange. We were a total of 10 bakers, everyone bringing with them a dozen cookies for every baker. So in just a couple of hours, we all got ourselves 10 dz. cookies to enjoy throughout the holidays. And all while sipping on festive martinis and nibbling on appies and of course, the actual cookies themselves! New friendships were made and old ones rekindled. Fun was had by all!

Here we all are with the packaged cookies (and drinks in hand!)

Here is the layout of our samplers (yum-yum!)

My cookie this year was the Walnut Shortbread.

Et voila! The finished, packaged product!

I must thank Gord for being the best waiter, bartender and photographer all the while taking care of the two girls!


Mortimer's Mom said...

It was indeed a wonderful night and you are the most-martha hostess EVER!
you did forget to thank Gord for the spotless walkway so that we could carry our loot without falling!

Nat said...

That was certainly the ONE bad thing about being in Cuba instead of here! I missed another great party, and now that we're back, I have to bake, and bake, and bake...