Monday, March 30, 2009

7th Birthday Celebrations

Today, we celebrated Cara-Li's 7th birthday with 14 dear friends from school and 'life'. It was a cooking party. The invitation was printed in the form of a recipe card and all guests had to make their own pizzas, salads and sundaes. Since the party was held at Loblaws, the kids had to go get their own groceries from the store. So upon arrival, each child received an apron and a chef hat. They were then divided into 3 teams. We had an adult assigned to each team and off we were to roam the store armed with a grocery list. My team was responsible for pizza ingredients. Up and down the aisles I went with 5 screaming kids running in all directions. Customers thought it to be the funniest thing to see 15 kids dressed like little chefs running through the store. That's because they were not the adult trying to control them :) Anyway, my team was pretty well-behaved until we approached the sliced olives. The 5 girls spotted them simultaneously and then as I watched in slow motion, there were a pile of olive cans flying in the air with one glass jar crashing to the ground. They all stopped, looked at each other, and one said, 'Guess we'll have to pay for that!' Too funny. Once in the kitchen, the kids had to chop, slice, and dice all the ingredients before actually making their pizzas, salads and sundaes. We also played theme appropriate game such as 'Pin the moustache on the chef' and 'Guess what this kitchen gadget does'. Auntie L made 2 wonderful 'pizza' cakes to help ring in her 7th birthday. The kids loved the fact that they could have pizza for dessert!


Mortimer's Mom said...

I heard great things about it! A little salad chef told me she had a fantastic time! and that it was delish!

3D said...

What a great party idea!!! Looks like lots of fun.

Keep smilin!

Wanda said...

Hey, now that looks like a fun party!

Nat said...

How do you come up with those ideas??? THAT sounds like a whole lot of fun!

Do they have Loblaws in Nunavut?... ;o)

Happy birthday, sweet Cara-Li!