Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome to Frozone!

That is what I am calling our cottage these days... FROZONE! We went to the cottage last weekend and once again, surprise surprise, the furnace had stopped during the week. So the girls and I spent over an hour in the car waiting for the cottage to warm up before dropping them into their beds. I was soooo miffed first at the furnace, then at the furnace repair guy who came 2 months and then at Gordie for not doing something about it all. Anyway, long story short, repair guy came the next morning and found the problem so things seem to be working but for some reason, this cottage will be forever known as Frozone to me!

We had a lovely weekend of skiing and visitors. We had some very special guests, M, N and S, join us on Saturday afternoon carting a whole raclette dinner with them. I had never had this before and it was amazing! Nothing low-fat about this meal, let me tell you. We were supposed to have been joined by Mortimer's Mom and her clan for skiing and dinner but due to some rather bad news, they were unable to join us :( We then spent the entire Sunday skiing with our guests with M impressing us with her talents. I need to mention that M is only 2 years old! Quite impressive. Alexia, too, tried skiing for the very first time. She was soooo excited to be going skiing like her Jie Jie. All was great until she started to go down the baby hill. At this point, she was not so impressed. 2 runs and she was back in the daycare. Better luck next year!

And this is how Alexia actually enjoyed skiing... in her Daddy's arms!

And lastly, for my pictures on the week (my final assignment).

WEEK 4: Frame within a frame

WEEK 4: Natural Light

WEEK 4: Action

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