Monday, April 13, 2009

Churro Withdrawal!

Yes, we have been back from Cuba since late Friday and I have not had a churro in 3 days! I am dying! There was a churro cart along side the cotton candy cart in the lobby of the hotel and it was a struggle everyday as to what to eat first! One day in particular, I had 6 churros and 3 cotton candies. What a good day that was!

I have to say that Gord was brilliant in planning this trip. That's right, Gord... brilliant. We travelled with another family whose younger boy is in CL's class and whose older daughter is also a good friend of hers. This family also happens to be our neighbors. Anyway... when we were planning this trip, Gord was in charge of all arrangements. I personnaly hate reading Trip Advisor and searching the internet for the best deal. Gord decided we would try Cayo Coco this time around as everyone comments on how beautiful the beaches are there. The other family agreed to go where ever Gord thought was best. So let's just say, he was feeling a little pressure!

So why do I say that Gord was brillant you ask? Here is the list:
  • Cayo Coco has 23 kms of the most amazing beaches I have ever seen
  • He booked the VIP package which of course I was against due to its cost
  • This VIP package allowed us express check in and check out
  • This VIP package gave us an oceanfront view. Wow!
  • This VIP package got us 6 dinners at 6 a la carte restaurants therefore no buffets for dinner. Yeah!
  • The hotel was smart enough to make all our dinner reservations for our entire stay so no lining up with the rif-raf to get one
  • This VIP package got us beach towels delivered to our room daily so there was no running around for fresh ones
  • VIP package is the way to go
  • We flew out late Friday afternoon with arrival late evening. This meant that we left late the following Friday therefore getting a complete day at the beach
  • We returned on Good Friday which meant we still had 3 days off before returning to work on Tuesday
  • And finally, Gord left the clouds at home (he usually brings all the bad weather) thus breaking the curse that has been following us for years! We have a complete week of nothing but sun and more sun.

I have yet to go through our photos of the trip so I will post them in a couple of days. What have I done in the last 3 days you ask if I didn't go through my pics? I haven't the foggiest idea! And I didn't even touch our laundry yet!

Ah yes... Cara-Li received a kids cookbook for her BD last week and so today she decided that she would make something from it.

VoilĂ ! A Bunny Salad for Easter! Too cute!

That is half a pear for the body with carrots as ears and curd cheese as a tail.


Wanda said...

Your trip sounds divine! Gotta get there sometime.

Nat said...

The salads are amazing! Too cute! And you make Cayo Coco sound like heaven... Now, we'll put it on the list of things to do for sure!