Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some Thoughts

Some of you asked what were the results of that nutty diet I was on last week. I lost 5 lbs. in 1 week. I must say I felt like crap during that week but now my clothes are fitting so much better! I need to lose 5 more lbs. but the memories of last week are still too fresh to start again. I will wait a little before doing it again. Mom lost 7 lbs. and Gord lst 8 lbs. My first meal was not too tasty and I had trouble getting it in, lunch was a little better and pretty normal by dinner. Now I am trying to be careful of what I eat until I figure out some sort of plan. I also continue to exercise 3 times a week. We shall see...

A couple of bittersweet moments this week:

First, I unpacked the diaper bag and retired it for good. Great news as Alexia is out of diapers... sad news as I most probably will never use that bag again :(

Second, Cara-Li scored her first goal at soccer today in the pouring rain (what a trouper!). Sad part, Mom wasn't there to witness it (I'm not crazy to sit in the rain!).

Third, for the first time I thought to myself that 2 kids is as much as we can handle. Always thought that we might go for a third but at this point I really feel that 2 is just right for our family. A little sad...


Wanda said...

Good for you. Wow, 5 lbs when you didn't seem to have any to lose is quite something.

Yay for Cara-li's first goal. Bet she was proud of herself!

About the quantity of family members - I hear you. It's so hard to close a door - so final, especially when you expected to have more.

3D said...

I need to lose too...but wine is SOOOOO good!

Hugs to you!

Keep smilin!

Julie said...

Wow, 5 pounds is awesome!

I understand about the 2 kids thing. I thought I wanted a 3rd too but with a 5 year wait for China, not sure it's so realistic.

Nat said...

Don't be too sad! You made two sound so great, look what happened to us in 2 weeks: A decision and a house!