Thursday, September 10, 2009


We finally are going ahead with our plans to build an extension to our cottage which will accomodate my dream mudroom... the mudroom that I have been thinking about and designing forever. So needless to say, I am more than thrilled that this will begin in October to be ready for the ski season! Along with this addition, we have also decided to change all the siding and the windows and doors of the cottage. Not a small project but a really good one. Anyway, now that this dream will soon be a reality, I went off to Ikea a couple of weeks to buy my PAX wardrobe, a wonderful system that will house all our winter ski stuff etc.

This mudroom will have room for 2 PAX of 5 feet long which equals LOTs of storage. Also, I need to mention at this point that the mudroom dimensions were based on the PAX. Anyway, part of the system I wanted has more than likely been discontinued so I will have to modify things slightly and since I was afraid that the rest would also be discontinued I ordered it immediately eventhough construction has yet to begin. Fast forward to last night as I lay in bed watching TV (and was nearly asleep), I saw a commercial for Ikea and their newest promotion. 20% off all PAX! What? I just spent oodles of money last week and now there's a sale. Well, this AM I was on the phone with them ready to pick a fight but lo and behold, they said that all I had to do was to go back with the bill and they would refund. Thank goodness!

Other news, I just signed up for yoga classes for the fall as well as get this.... piano lessons for myself! I've always wanted to play and this week when Cara-Li was trying to pull the wool over my eyes, I decided the only way to combat this was to actually take lessons myself. And really, why not?


Wanda said...

It's going to be gorgeous (and 20% off). Now wouldn't that discount be great for the actual contruction too.

Esan Man said...

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Anna Grace and Andrew's Jie Jie said...

Sounds really neat. (:

Anonymous said...

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