Sunday, October 4, 2009

Charlie Bit Me

I know, I know... a strange title for a post. But this is how it goes.

We were having supper this evening when Cara-Li and Alexia started re-enacting a video clip they saw on You Tube (don't ask how they found it), Charlie Bit Me. I'll give you a minute to watch. OK. So now this re-enactment has been going on for a couple of weeks and the girls were told that they must pretend to bite and pretend only. Well, you guessed it. Alexia forgot to pretend and bit Cara-Li's finger. First we thought it was part of the act but then we quickly realized that Cara-Li was in true pain. Worst part is Alexia wouldn't stop biting! So needless to say everyone was in tears (yes, Alexia too as we were yelling at her to stop) and Cara-Li ended up vomiting her entire dinner as well. A great way to end a rather tiresome weekend :(

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