Sunday, April 15, 2007

Shoes & Cribs

OK... so we have resigned to the fact that we will probably not receive our referral call until the July batch... at best :( Which puts us in China sometime in August. It better still be really hot as, when we thought we'd be there in June/July, I went out to buy 3 pairs of shoes just for this trip that are perfect for really hot weather. These Rockports are my personal favorites as they are a closed shoe (perfect for travelling and walking through some of the dirty streets in China) and the white fabric is a mesh therefore very breathable. And they are machine washable! If we go in fall/winter (Aghhh!), I will have to add these shoes to the ones I bought last summer when we thought we were going then. Did I mention that I am not what you would call a big shoe person... I hate buying shoes. Too stressful!

I was off work for a couple of weeks as Cara-Li's nanny was not around so I took this opportunity to set up the baby's room. I rebuilt the crib and set it up. Yes, folks... the crib is up! Some of you might remember back in 2003... Twas the night before departing for China... and there was no crib in the house... not even a diaper! Did I think that this baby was never coming home? Yes, because of SARS, we were delayed several months. I was definietely having crib issues! But no longer. The crib is up and this baby will come home!

Now, I've got to get those hedgehogs painted on the wall....

(OK... make that 5 pairs of shoes. Just got back from shopping! Boy, I really do get weird toward the end of the wait.)

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