Friday, April 27, 2007

Pre-Referral Funk

I have just named the state of mind that I am in... the pre-referral funk. We are at that time of month once again where we wait to see if we will hear anything from China soon. Rumours have it that we might hear something on Monday. If we don't, then we will have to wait until mid-May as the Chinese are off for the first week of May. So here we are once again, in limbo. Although we are pretty much guaranteed not be in this batch anyway. But the further ahead they go, the better our chances will be for the next batch.

Add to this the fact that today was Cara-Li's nanny's last day with us. This is the day I have been dreading about for the longest time. After all, she has been with us for 3 years and they are very close. Hugh... so sad!

One good thing happened today. We had a travel meeting with our adoption agency. These are always fun as everyone is always very excited about their upcoming adoptions. We decided to bring Cara-Li with us as we did not want to leave her with a sitter after what happened today. We walked into the room with her a couple of minutes before the meeting was due to begin. It was funny because everyone gasped simultaneously when they saw Cara-Li, her being a live example of what they will soon be travelling to China for! And another couple brought their 5-year old as well with whom we hope to travel with. And the best part was, the girls hit it off! Cara-Li went home happy to have made a new friend who is also going to China to pick up her Mei Mei.

Not a bad end to what was a pretty difficult week. To new beginnings!

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