Sunday, July 22, 2007

Drum roll please...

It has been 11 days since we had our first glimpse of our precious daughter, Guang Yun Xia who is waiting for us in the province of Jiangxi. She is described as an active and smiley baby who loves to play with her favorite rattle and loves to listen to music. She sleeps very soundly and gets excited when she sees food... much like her mother!

Some time ago, we asked for suggestions for a name for our daughter and this weekend was the weekend where the decision was to be made. So here it is.... her name is .... Alexia Yun. I think that we did OK in trying to use her 2 Chinese names. Thanks to everyone that sent us suggestions!

Last Thursday we met up with a couple, Mary and Eric, that we will be travelling to China with. It is wild to think that our daughters are together right now as we speak. It'll be so nice for them to have this connection right here in our city. Mary and Eric are great and we cannot wait to start our journey together! Mary... I am still working on a master packing list. I will let you know when it is done so we can compare.

Four years ago, we were getting ready to leave for China. It's funny because back then just before departure, I had to renew my driver's liscence and medicare card. I renewed these again last week. Also, back four years ago, I had a terrible toothache that had to be dealt with just before departure. Guess what? Four years later, same tooth, same ache. This is going to be dealt with this week as it has been aching for over a week. Is this a coincidence or does this mean that it is time for us to go China?

I say... China here we come as we cannot wait to hold our little Alexia Yun in our arms!!


amy said...

What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl!! I love it!

Mary & Eric said...

Excellent Name! Just love it!

Doris & Dan said...

What a beautiful name! Love the way you incorporated her chinese name.

Keep smilin!

mortimersmom said...

LOVE! Well done! you managed to get both names in there!