Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Gotcha Day and Happy Birthday!

Today, July 27th, is a very special day for both our girls, our Southern Belles.

Four years ago today, Cara-Li joined us and we became a family. It is hard to believe that all this time has gone by! I cannot remember life before her... what did we do with all our free time? It has been the 4 most wonderful years of our lives and we are about to start all over again with the arrival of Alexia very shortly. Happy Gotcha Day, sweet baby Cara-Li! We love you! Wo ai ni!

And today, is also a very special day for our little Alexia who turns 9 months old! We will be there soon, sweetiepie, so that we could begin our lives together as a family of four. Hopefully, we will have you in our arms on the day of your 10 month birthday. Happy Birthday, sweet little baby Alexia! We love you! Wo ai ni!

Other news... my dear husband has decided to book our airline tickets to China today. That's right... we don't even have an exact travel date but we have airline tickets. Go figure! He decided that we should get our tickets as they were available today on airmile points and they may not be later once the travel date is decided by the agency. We can change them should we have to for a small fee but hopefully we guessed right.


amy said...

What happy days to celebrate..Your girls are gorgeous

Doris & Dan said...

What special day it is!

I hope he guessed right and it is soon!!

Keep smilin!

Mary & Eric said...

What a beautiful thing...the creation and growth of a family.
I do hope the three of you will celebrate Alexia's 10th month b-day with her!

Todo Adopción said...

porfavor !!! avisen a las familias USA que la fecha de corte és el dia 21 de noviembre !!!
La RQ USA no quiere decirlo pero es la verdad.
Si quieren mas información, la página lo explica todo.

Congratulations for you beatiful baby !!!