Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Where are those darn TAs???

OK... we really need to receive those TAs if we want to leave on the 2oth! I was betting that we would have received them yesterday but now I am confident that tomorrow is the day. Please, please! I really do not want to change our tickets.

What have we been doing lately, you ask? Well, we have been busy preparing, purchasing and organizing for this trip. Everything needed has been purchased. Purchases have either been organized in a bin by category in Alexia's room or it is in the laundry room being washed. Gordie went to Ottawa today to get our Visas and final vaccinations have been received. I am trying to tie up loose ends at work as I will not be there for several months eventhough I will be working from home. Home office is pretty much set up except for some computer glitches that need to be ironed out.

I just want to get to China ASAP... I am done with waiting... I am done with preparing... I am just done! I just want this little precious baby of ours to come home!


Red said...

Oh, I had seen your blog before: I'm so glad I found it back after meeting you on Sunday!!! Looks like Alexia is going to follow the "gorgeousness" footsteps of her big sister! ;o) Too cute! How do you survive THIS wait now??? On our side, still waiting for our pictures... We'll be following your trip! Natalie

Mary & Eric said...

I pray they get here this week! I really want us to leave by the 24th at the latest!!!

Nat said...

It's Thursday afternoon... I guess you didn't hear anything yet either... I hope something happens soon!!! Is anyone at the agency??? This is definitely the worst part of the wait!