Thursday, August 9, 2007


I ask you... why did God create man (if you believe in that)?

Here I am running from store to store gathering every last little item for this trip to China, washing all of Alexia's itty-bitty clothes, reducing the packaging of the food and medications for China in order to save space in our suitcase, thinking of who is going to water the plants and pick-up the mail while we are gone, planning dinner for our last weekend at the cottage (there's more, I just can't think straight right now). NOT Gord! He just sits there watching TV as I zoom up and down 3 flights of stairs with my arms filled with stuff about 100 times in an evening. He doesn't even bat an eyelash. Actually, I think he is sleeping! At 9PM, as I am running up and down, up and down (I'm going to sell this house!) His response to me once confronted by a mad woman is, 'Susie, you know that I don't have the same energy as you and you are much younger than I am. I'm tired after dinner.'

Well... if we all keep this same pace, we will make it to China with everything neccesary (no thanks to Gord), except that I may have to be carried over there. No problem... Gord is REALLY well rested!!!

And no... no TAs yet :(


Nat said...

Oh my, SOMEBODY is going to win the stereotype-of-the-week medal: that's hard to beat! I must truly apologize for laughing at your post. Really, I do, and I empathize with you! But it's my first true laugh in two days of waiting torture, so thank you!!! ;o)

Susie & Gordie said...

Hey, Nat! Glad I could help during your wait. This wait is making me somewhat crazy. PS: Bought more stuff tonight. I WILL bankrupt that man! Heehee!

Sophie's Mom said...

Men! My DH didn't have to do any paperwork for the dossier (just sign here dear...).

I planned everything, I packed everything, and just told him when we were leaving.

He was excited to go, but geez! LOL And you know what he tells me? 'But you're so good at all that stuff!' True...

Doris & Dan said...

Sorry but it is funny. Ya better make him carry all the luggage and he can not utter any word of complaint.
Fingers crossed for TA news!

Keep smilin!

Mary & Eric said...

I think you forgot to mention that you are also a mother in the work force. I hear you woman! It's exactly the same thing in our house! I have a part-time job, I have a private practice, I have done EVERYTHING for this adoption from Day 1 (all he's had to do is sign on the dotted line), and have been hosting his family from France for the past 3 weeks. I came home last weekend after work with a bunch of stuff including that stupig little thing...what do you call it...a CAR SEAT that I have been researching for a while and having made my decision re: which one to buy, ran out to the store during a quick break from the office (time is tight to say the least). AND DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT I GOT TO HEAR THAT EVENING AS I CARRIED EVERYTHING INTO THE HOUSE..."What are you doing this is crazy" and he went through picking at it all with increasing panic in his voice and added: "we're going to go broke" (BTW, I do handle our finances also...and we're not fact he has no idea what we're worth). REALLY HONEY?????!!!! I dropped everything told him he could return it and if he could do better on the budget , to be my guest and go buy food for our baby, her carseat, her have back down, say OK OK when he saw how pissed I was and then in his twisted way blame me for...(ready for this?) NOT TELLING HIM WHAT WE NEEDED, FOR NOT INFORMING HIM THAT WE NEED THIS STUFF...THAT HE COULD HAVE HELPED ME...GEEZ!!! SORRY I DID NOT BRIEF YOU MR. F******** PRESIDENT!
What have we been talking about for the past 2 and 1/2 years??? Our agency binder about the adoption which includes all instructions and TO DO LISTS, including shopping lists has been in our home office since January 2005. Has he picked it up once????
The thing is I really don't mind doing all this stuff (except when I get really tired) but I know that I want it done well, so I'll do it myself. A thank you however would be nice...I got it yesterday
...a sincere statement of appreciation for not just all that I do, but for who I am. Yes I am wonderful! AND SO ARE YOU SUSAN and every woman who runs her world!
p.s. I think Eric & Gord will do well together in China. I can already see them in the pubs...

Anonymous said...

I think it's a gender thing. "Gordie get up off the couch and help her"
Debbie Cody and Niki