Monday, August 13, 2007

We're going to China.... FINALLY!

We have been desperately awaiting our TAs for all of last week and without knowing, I wore my lucky shoes on Friday. The last 2 times I were them, we got our referral call and the call to pick up our files and pictures. So when I realized that I was wearing the lucky shoes, I was certain that we'd get the TA call. Well, we did get the call. That was the good news. The bad news was that the group would more than likely be travelling on August 31st instead of the 24th as there were no seats available on the return flight from Beijing for the entire group. This would be confirmed on Monday. I must remind you all that my dear husband has done only one thing during this entire adoption process besides signing on the dotted line when asked... he booked our tickets on airmile points. However, we believed that the group would be leaving the 24th and therefore he booked our tickets for the 20th. There was lots of scrambling and we decided not to do anything until today when FUF confirmed to us the actual travel dates. Once confirmed this AM, we easily changed our tickets (with a small penalty of course) and will be travelling to Toronto on Monday, August 27th where we will spend the night followed by a flight to Shanghai on the 28th. We will be staying until Saturday, September 15th just 2 days shy of my 40th birthday. There is a huge weight off my shoulders now that this is written in stone. We are having our travel meeting this coming Saturday so we will not know when we will actually get our sweet Alexia. I am guessing it will be Monday, September 3rd. I am bummed about not getting her on the 27th which is her 10th month birthday. Oh well! Now I can settle down a little as we have 2 weeks before departure. I must say that I was pretty much ready to leave at the drop of a hat. Here we come Alexia!


Mary & Eric said...


amy said...

HOw exciting! Oh my gosh its already the 14th..QWow..Not much longer!

K. said...

sooooo exciting!
safe journey!


Doris & Dan said...

Great news!!! So happy for you.

Keep smilin!