Thursday, August 16, 2007

The 'TO DO' Lists

Once you get that long-awaited referral call, the 'to do' lists begin forming fast and furious. I keep a notepad next to my bed as I inevitably wake up in the middle of the night with something to add to it. Of course, it is a miracle if I could understand my own handwriting the next day! We are now 11 days away from departure and I must say that my 'to do' list is rather small.

Book airline tickets... DONE
Book hotel in TO & Shanghai... DONE
Get Visas... DONE
Complete vaccinations... DONE
Go to Immigration... DONE
Prepare all documents needed... DONE

Packing has begun. All medications and toiletries are already packed. This part usually stresses me the most so this time I packed it first instead of my usual last minute. All snacks/food for the kids and us are packed. Toys are packed. We just have to pack our clothes and we are off!

We are still in town for 2 weekends but there will be no cottaging for us. We have our travel meeting with our group this Saturday followed by an interview with CBC concerning our adoption of Alexia. On Sunday, we will have our 'last supper' with my family followed by a visit with Baby Noah (Gord's cousin's baby) who is just a week old. Next Saturday is packing day as we will be busy on Sunday. My baby brother Michael and his lovely fiancée Tanya are having an engagement party. Congratulations!

And then Monday is going to be the big day where we say bye-bye to our little family of 3 and say hello to our big family of 4!


Mary & Eric said...

Super job Susan, boy are you ever good! Now, wanna come over to my place and get onto my TO DO List??? I'll PAY you. hysterical L'inOL....

Mary & Eric said...

Call me, I want the scoop on the CBC thing...I'll be in & out of the house for errands all day.

amy said...

HOw exciting. YOU have a lot of fun and exciting things planned!

Nat said...

I'm taking notes here! Still in the "picture-honeymoon" phase, but the packing bug is going to bite me any day now... You'll have to let us know about that CBC thing!

mortimersmom said...

just noticed the CBC thing..... what's that about??? I want to Tivo it!