Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Is it Monday yet?

No, I guess it isn't :(

Time is just not going by fast enough. I wish we could just start our journey towards China. I want to be in my daughters' country of birth. I know we will have to wait another week before we actually get to meet Alexia but I think that being on the same side of the earth as she, it will make us all feel closer to her.

Did I mention that my dear, dear friend, Laure, will be joining us for this voyage? Yes, she is coming with us to experience the magic of adoption, to enjoy the beautiful country, its people and its culture, and well, to help us with the kids should the need arise ;) ;) Heehee! Someone may need a vacation after this trip! And, it won't be the girls running her ragged... it'll be her super-high-maintenance friend (moi!) that'll get to her!
Sorry, Laure... I pre-apologize!

PS: Our itinerary has changed somewhat. We will be flying to Nanchang only on Sunday and receiving the babies as soon as we land. Laure has already started doing her job... she was right there for me when I started to freak out and talked me down from the ledge. Heehee! Thanks Auntie Loula!


amy said...

Im so excited for you, cant wait to read more

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish I could join you as well! (Laure's new name will forever be known as Lucky Laure!)

Enjoy your countdown for another beautiful
journey :-)


Nat said...

You're receiving the babies on Sunday??? Wow... Better get that diaper bag ready now! ;o)

Say hi to the Nanchang people for us: hopefully we'll be there soon, the TA's are strating to arrive!!!