Friday, August 24, 2007


A little while ago, a fellow blogger wrote a post about how she was in awe to learn that other adoptive parents were so special, generous, helpful and kind to one another even though most of the time these are people that we don't even know that well. Having already been through one adoption process, I was already aware of this. Other adoptive families that have already been there, done that, are always SO willing to share their stories, help with issues and make sure that the new adoptive family has a great experience. This brings me to my story.

Some months ago, during our waiting process, a fellow adoptive mom, whom I originally met in a Yahoo group only to find out that she was a Montrealer and that her first daughter was from the same orphange as Cara-Li, offered to lend me her mei-tai sling (baby carrier) for the trip to China. I received an e-mail from her earlier this week informing me of the fact that she was unable to locate the said sling. Too bad, I thought as I would have liked to have it for the trip. No biggy. But as I continued reading her e-mail, she proceeds to say that she decided to sew one for me (she is great at sewing). I was dumbfounded! Here is a person that went so much out of her way. Not only that... she delivered it and demonstrated how to use it using her own very lovely daughter, SQ. This act was not necessary, totally unexpected and so, so much appreciated! Thank you so much, MM!


Nat said...

Like I said... :o)
It's kind of cool that no one tells you about that part of the deal, such a great thing to discover for ourselves, again and again and again... Thinking of you a lot, you must be sooooo excited!!!

mortimer's mom said...

you're welcome!
i couldn't let you leave without one, especially for such a tiny baby! you'll actually be able to use it, and you know, I can always use an excuse to sit at the sewing machine...