Monday, July 9, 2007


While we are impatiently awaiting our next call from our agency to pick up the file and pictures of our new daughter (which should be in a couple of days), we are scrambling to find a name for her. We have some ideas but not a whole lot. I thought I'd ask you guys out there for some suggestions. Perhaps you can come up with a name that all 3 of us will like. Now, remember, her name is Guang Yun Xia. We want to somehow incorporate Yun Xia in her new name.

Off you go with your assignment. Let's see what you can come up with....


Anonymous said...

Hey, what about Caelyn?? Carley? You can even spell them both with a K, but thought with one "C" name, you might want another. Hope I helped a little!!! Congratulations. Can't wait to see her! We received our picture Sat and are in you will be!!
Blessings, Mysty

Sarah said...

How about:

Layne~Xia (Laney)

I always loved different and interesting names... good luck and have a wonderful time picking out the perfect name for your perfect little girl!!

Sarah and Sophie~Bug

Anonymous said...

How'bout Xanthi (pronounced ksanthi), or Anthi for short? It means bloom I think in greek, but it's a nice interpretation of Xia, which is beautiful on its own--have you considered just that.. Xia?
guess who?

Anonymous said...

Yun means cloud, and Xia means Rosy clouds in Chinese. How'bout then something to do with teh sky? Celeste. Celeste and Cara-Li, really nice for two little siters, if I may say so myself.
Good luck,
guess who...again.

amy said...

Im so not creative but I cant wait to read what your posters come up with

Anonymous said...

Would'nt Pearl Xia be lovely, you know after Pearl Buck who wrote so beautifully about China and the chinese?
Chantal (trying hard to make up for almost unforgivable silence lately...)

Anonymous said...

I like Claire...simple but beautiful.

Christine said...

Congratulations! How about Isabella Xia.

You can call her Bella for short.

Congrats again.

debbie_cody_niki said...

How do you pronounce Yun Xia

Doris & Dan said...

I am stumped! Good luck.

Keep smilin!

Denise said...

How about Yasmine?


Made in China said...

xia is pronounces sia

how about Rose Xia
(will sound like Rosia)

or Lauren Xia
Chloe Xia
Zoe Xia

Good luck!

Pierre Brideau said...

I am thinking Anna, you could use either Anna-Xia or her full name Anna Yun Xia. I also like Fiona and the same could apply Fiona-Xia or Fiona Yun Xia.

Just some food for thought, I am sure it will be much easier once you see your daughter's proposal pictures.



Lisa said...

Congratulations....I love baby names so I will give it a shot. Some of my fav's
Audrey Xia
Claire Xia
Sabrina Xia
Rose Xia
Elise Xia
Luna Xia
Lucy Xia
Dahlilah Xia
Lilah Xia
Amelia Xia
Amelie Xia
Pearl Xia
Opal Xia

sam said...

Lsois Xia sound good

sam said...

Lois .. something happened while publishing :-):-)

mortimersmom said...

anne-yun if you want to use her name daily like Cara-Li. or Bella-Yun.
for some reason, I'm having an easier time with Yun than Xia

Anonymous said...

How about......
Elise-Xia (Elise is of the French origin and means consecrated to God)

Good Luck!!

Mary & Eric said...

Just checked in again to follow the naming three favorite suggestions: Celeste, Elise-Xia & Alexia.

Jennifer said...

Oh- I like Alexia! :)

Congratulations! She is beautiful!