Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sleepless in Shanghai

Actually posted Friday, August 31st 6:06AM

I thought that if I stayed up late enough last night (1AM) that I would sleep later in the morning. Well, I was wrong. Cara-Li, Gordie and I were up at 4AM. We tried to get Cara-Li back to sleep but to no avail. Auntie Loula on the otherhand was sawing logs. Gordie finally decided that he would take Cara-Li in the bathroom so that I could fall asleep again. Did I mention the large and beautiful bathroom we have here at the Westin? Deep bathtub, an amazing shower with waterfall showerhead, separate room for the johnny. Really chic... lots of granite, glass and mirror. Anyway the smell of coffee got the best of me and suddenly I was starving. I rembered all those snacks I brought for situations such as this and now I was totally awake. Enter the bathroom to discover that they were having a picnic on a bath towel and playing Go Fish. Cheese, crackers, peanut butter, granola bars, coffee and milk were served next. Yum, yum.

Here's a funny Cara-Li story from yesterday: We ordered a couple of Pandaphones (cell phones) for our stay in China. We were in a taxi on our way to the zoo and a cell phone started to ring. By the look on the driver's face, it was not his phone that was ringing so Laure and I started fishing through our backpacks for our phones. As we had not received any calls to date, we did not know what our ringers sounded like. By the time we located our phones, the ringing stopped only for it to start up again a couple of minutes later. All of a sudden Cara-Li stuck her hand in her backpack and pulled out her Ariel cell phone and exclaimed, ''It's my phone ringing!''. Well, we all started to howl with laughter included the driver. Even with hundreds and thousands of miles separating our two countries and a complete lack of communication capability, a child's practical joke allowed us to share an amusing and special moment. Child's play is truly international.

More posting later....


amy said...

How funny! Hope you are having a fun and safe trip

Anonymous said...

If I am this excited about Alexia's arrival I cannot imagine yours. Just think, by this time tomorrow her long awaited arrival will be over. Your job today is to get the lighting just right on Skype so we can get a really good look at her and all your smiling faces.

Lotsa Love, Debbie, Cody and Niki

Claudia said...

Hi Susan:

Skype us!!! We're waiting to talk.