Friday, August 31, 2007

Not so Sleepless in Shanghai

Actually posted on Friday, August 31st, 9:10PM

Hi again. We managed to get ourselves out and about a little earlier today. We walked to Old Shanghai and that in itself was quite challenging and adventurous... avoiding construction, dodging cars, buses, mopeds, bikes, etc. Old Shanghai is a feast for the eyes with its wonderful architecture and its vendors selling everything under the sun. It is a shopper's mecca! We stopped to watch dumplings being made by experienced hands moving so quickly that it was nothing but a blur.

In the center of Old Shanghai is the Yu Yuan Garden, a maze of walkways, bridges and old buildings built in 1559. It is hard to believe that such a quite, contemplative oasis exists in the middle of such hustle and bustle. Extremely awesome!

At this point, Gordie and Cara-Li decide to head back to the hotel for a nap... well, actually, I think that it was Gordie who seemed real keen on this idea! They head off with the stroller after much discussion as to how they would get back... cab, walk etc. Both enerved me... how would he manage to get a stroller and our purchases in the cab while hanging on to Cara-Li in this bustling environment? Best to walk back... hmmm... that too is not such a great a idea! Anyhow, they made it back safe and sound (these Pandaphones are prooving to be very handy).

Laure and I decided to continue on with our shopping with a stop at a Starbucks. I know, I know... some of you may be saying ''don't do it!'', but when in China, do as the Chinese. So we had green tea frappuccinos... very interesting! After consulting our Starbucks guide (who spoke very little English!), we decided to head out towards the Jade Buddha Temple which boasts the world's largest piece of carved white jade (sorry no pics... not allowed). Our timing was impeccable... as we were heading out, we heard the sound of distant bells and chants as several locals were gathering with bunches of big red paper bags. Monks appeared and some sort of ceremony began. Very cool to have experienced a Buddhist rite.

We then headed off for shopping at Nanjing Road, a street very similar to Time Square in New York. Here we experienced a very modern Shanghai with all the lights, sounds and smells of a bustling North American city.

Dinner was at the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower in the revolving restaurant which served very traditional Chinese dishes and spaghetti. My theory was once again confirmed... it seems to be more impressive to look up at the tower than to be in the tower.

Cara-Li has caught what one would call a Chinese cold/cough... the one you get from sweating like a pig outdoors and then entering a frigid cab or hotel. And of course, Cara-Li is being her usual reasonable self as she is refusing to take any medication that we have schelped over from home. Nice!

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Hope Cara-Li feels better soon!

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