Saturday, September 1, 2007

Maglev, the only way to go!

Actually posted, Saturday, September 1st at 10:08PM

Well, we had a quiet day today. We actually managed to sleep in today, Cara-Li included. Gordie went off to an early morning Tai-chi class as we girls packed and cleaned up the room. We booked a taxi for 1PM large enough to take us and all our luggage to the station where we caught the Maglev train to the airport as today was the day we met up with the rest of our group. As we were waiting for our taxi, a couple of doormen and a couple of people in charge of the taxis hovered nearby discussing something (in Chinese of course) and pointing at us. Finally, one approached us to tell us that our mini-van would not arrive in time and that another car would come in a few minutes. Car arrives and once again there is lots of discussion between driver and hotel employees as we just glanced back and forth from the car and the large amount of suitcases. Cab driver begins to load the car... we just stood there shaking our heads not believing that any of it would fit. If you've ever seen what they can strap onto a bicycle then you would not loose hope. Once cab driver was done, 4 suitcases, 5 handbags, 4 passengers and 1 stroller were strapped into the car. Unbelievable!

Off to the Maglev train. This is a high-speed magnetic train that runs from downtown Shanghai to the Pudong airport in 7.5 minutes at a speed of 430 km/hr. That is correct! Let me tell you... that is one fast train. What normally would take 1 hour by taxi took less than 8 minutes by train. Look at our faces and Laure holding on to her hat!

As we arrived early at the airport (due to the super-fast train), we stopped for a coffee only to realize that they had a Faema E61 espresso machine. We showed interest in this machine and next thing you know, Gord's behind the espresso bar giving all the employees a demonstration!

We then met up with our group and were wisked away to a hotel in downtown Shanghai where we would spend the night. We had a most delicious dinner right in the hotel before retiring for the night.

Here is a final picture of my little family of three on the eve of Gotcha Day. As of tomorrow afternoon, we will become a family of four. OMG, I'm freaking out! It is finally about to happen. All these years of waiting, it is finally over. Little Alexia will finally be ours forever to hold and to cherish. Cara-Li will finally have her baby sister!


Anonymous said...

Oh my....only a few more hours until you hold Darling Alexia. We cannot wait to see her on Skype!!
PS Love your Maglev's pictures...great to see you Lucky Laure!!

Anonymous said...

The long awaited arrival of Alexia is finally over. Hooray!!! Hope everything is going well. Hang in there guys!!!

Debbie, Cody and Niki

RoLo said...

Just been catching up, wow you have been busy. GREAT photos. Looking forward to seeing your Gotcha Photos.

Visiting your site via your post on RQ:)

chantal said...

Susan, Gordon and Cara Li,
Thinking a lot about you. It is so soon noon that Alexia Yun will have parents and sister and you another child...
Much love
from us four to you allllllllllllmost four!!!!!

mortimersmom said...

you have her, we know you do! Now post already, my finger is hurting from all the refreshing!

Our Journey to Presley in China said...

Susan and Gord,

Thinking of you guys ....I was awake this morning at 4:30am our time..which is 4:30pm your time and thinking of you guys as you were about to get exciting...can't wait to hear more and see some pics.

Congrats to Cara Li...a big sister at last!

Karen Wright in Montreal

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
We're waaaaaaaaiting for the updated family pictures. Hurry now.

Karen and Company

pam marion said...