Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tengwang Pavillion

Actually posted September 5th at 3:00PM

Today we went on a little visit around Nanchang. It's the first day since we arrived that it hasn't rained so it was quite warm and it was nice not to have to worry about getting soaked. We were bused to Tengwang Pavillion, a lovely pagoda and garden not too far away from our hotel.

At the top of the pagoda, we had a fabulous view of the city of Nanchang. The gardens here in China are always so spectacular! Here ia an example of want surrounds the pagoda.

Also, at the top, we were greeted by two beautiful and stunning Chinese women in their traditional dresses who posed with us for photos.

There was then a show demonstrating the traditional dance and music of the region. Cara-Li really loved this part. Alexia... well, she spent most of the time sleeping!We had a delicious lunch around the corner with our group and it always amazes me how little things can cost here in China. We ate like kings for under $15.00 for the 4 of us. Nuts!

I am now in our room as Alexia is, well, sleeping again. Cara-Li is off with her new friend, Mia Kim, next door with Auntie Loula watching a movie. Gord is off to the local store looking for some old Chinese remedies for aches and pains. We have planned a little happy hour for later this afternoon so that the mamas and the babas can get to know one another a little more. This should take place in the hotel hallways.

I leave you with a couple more shots of my two cutiepies.


Anonymous said...

What a pair of little dolls you have. You and Gordie are pretty cute too. Cody watched the video again. On the video when you said "You're too cute", Cody exclaimed, "I think she's really cute!"

Debbie, Cody and Niki

Sophie's Mom said...

Our Sophia is from Guangchang, and we stayed at the Gloria in Nanchang, and LOVED it. The Teng Wang is beautiful, and seeing your pics makes me miss China!

There's a couple of long streets for shopping close to the hotel too, that you can walk to, it's closed off from cars, and is just a walking street. Lots of shopping, a KFC and McDonald's too. It was so fun to just get out and walk (it's a few blocks past the grocery store).


Anonymous said...

You have waited so long for this reunion... your obvious happiness is a joy to contemplate. One keep smiling at the lovely images your are sending us. Elisabeth had a little white wooden cot exactly as Alexia's!
Much love from the four of us to you all