Thursday, September 6, 2007

People's Park in Nanchang

Actually posted Thursday, September 6th at 10:45PM

After yesterday's posting, we had our little happy hour. It was great to see everyone in a relax state and to see the little ones play with one another. You can see who played with who at the orphanage as they seeked each other out. Alexia had two favorite friends as I was told by the nanny and they are exactly who she went looking for. Her crawling skills have improved dramatically in the last few days. Although she can stand, it seems that she is wearing cement shoes as she refuses to put one foot in front of the other. Oh well! That'll be easier for me once we are home as she is less mobile. Here's a photo from our happy hour. At least no one is drinking and driving!

Where's the baby you ask? I don't know... this is not my stroller!

And here's one of my girls. I thought what a great picture this would make with their little t-shirts but much to my surprise, someone had decided to be a clown!

Our guide is keeping us fairly busy. This is great as we are seeing Nanchang and surrounding areas. Today we went to People's Park. When in China, you must go to one of these parks. It is fantastic to see the people (most elderly) exercise, play cards, dance, sing, play music, do tai-chi... there is so much activity going on. Cara-Li even mentionned that everything that was going on is just like in her book ''Good Morning China''. Once again, we caused quite the stir... a bunch of white people with these little Chinese babies. A crowd of women surrounded us, our babies and our older daughter... smiling, laughing, chatting amongst themselves. Some even touched and rubbed them and giving us the thumbs up. I am so glad to see that they fell this way as opposed to hating us for taking away their girls.

As mentionned in one of my earlier posts, these parks are amazing! I am always dumbfounded to think that in a country with so many people with such little space can have such beautiful and enormous parks right in the middle of the city.

After the park visit, we were taken to a porcellan store as this is what Jiangxi is known for. We picked up a gorgeous dragon tea cup in a bright red as well as a stupendous wall plate.

Once back from the park, we headed off to Tiffanie's. Tiffanie is a very, very smart business woman who has a store just around the corner form our hotel. She draws you in with a free offer to find your daughter's finding ad. Then she shows you her wares. Custom made dresses, shoes and hats as well as beautiful silk hangings. So her tactics worked and in we went to order dresses and shoes for both girls in a beautiful red silk with a lotus flower pattern (Jiangxi national flower), a lovely silk panda hanging for Alexia with her name embroided on it, one for Cara-Li of the famous 100 children story, bracelets for the girls (and mama) with names engraved, some shoes for Alexia and she does your laundry for next to nothing. all in all, a great shopping day!

Did I mention that their are two other 5 year olds on this trip with us? Cara-Li is having fun with her two new friends! Hopefully these are memories that these girls will remember and share forever.

And here is a final shot of my two little angels, hopefully each dreaming about the other!


Anonymous said...

Hey you all! We are all very happy that your trip to going so well. The girls looks very happy to have met. Mei mei is very beautiful as Cara Li. We wish we could be with you. It is giving ideas. Well, keep on have fun. Bye Bye.
Marie Li, Guylaine et Yves

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful rich experience for everyone!!! Continue on with your journey! We are experiencing the trip with you in our hearts.
Aunt Karen and company

Nat said...

Oh, this is soooooo not helping with our wait for TA's!!! Still, I come back over and over to your blog to drool at the pictures... Your girls are so beautiful, and I just love Alexia's smile! Keep those pictures coming! :o)))

RoLo said...

Really enjoying your posts:) Love the photos.

Anonymous said...

I love your sense of humour Susan re: The stroller with the wine glass and comment!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girls. You are so lucky!